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This past year has meant a lot of changes for the building at 144 Merchant Row in Milton – the building where the Don’t Blink Photography studio is located.  A change of tenants and construction improvements have breathed new life into the building and now you can often find the space buzzing with people eager to get their morning treat from the bakery (www.fullhousebakery.com), picking up their evening dinner from Paul Revere’s Pizza, or checking out the latest crafts at Cranberry Cottage.  All of the recent changes have had quite a few people asking me… where is your studio now?!?  The answer… in the same building, just down the hall 🙂


In order to fill the spaces that best fit all of our tenant needs, Don’t Blink Photography just moved into a different space right down the hall.  We still have our logo on the window, but without the storefront I know that it had a few people confused.  I’m still there!  And I still use the studio for most all of the same purposes as before.  Here’s what they are…

As most people know I’m a natural light photographer.  This means that instead of using studio lighting and equipment to achieve the lighting that I need for sessions, I shoot outdoors or in areas indoors that have enough available light that extra equipment isn’t necessary.  The reasons why being that I prefer the look of natural lighting in photos, my skillset better matches this type of photography, and also because a lot of my work involves chasing little ones around 🙂  We all know that it’s much easier for a two-year-old to play outside and get their picture taken rather than being asked to sit in a little space!  Even with this being said, there are a few situations that require the studio lighting to achieve the desired final product, and these are:  high school senior headshot photos for the yearbook, and professional headshots.  I use the studio throughout the year to enhance my senior sessions by offering headshot photos and then also have the chance to take professional headshot images for local business people to use for their business cards, advertising, campaigns, etc.  The studio is also a great spot for me to meet with clients about upcoming sessions or weddings, and a space where I can show clients product samples or meet them to deliver print or product orders.  There are lots of times when the space comes in handy for Don’t Blink Photography, but I just don’t do my lifestyle portrait sessions there.

I’m also proud to be an approved vendor for www.theorganicbloom.com.  If you haven’t checked out their unique frames yet – you have to visit the site!  If they look familiar, you might’ve seen these frames used in the Extreme Home Makeover houses that Ty Pennington designed!  They can make an awesome addition to your home decorating and come in tons of color choices (see photo below!).  I also showcase canvases in the studio, which are also available through Don’t Blink and also professional print samples!





Happy Friday!

♥ Erin

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