spring fling

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There’s just something different in the air this time of year.  It’s almost like people feel lighter… and just walk around happier than usual.  I feel like there’s a true sense that something great is coming and everyone is waiting anxiously for it to get here.  That’s the power that an ever-nearing summer has on us and I just love that feeling.  Whether it’s the longer days, the return of the robins to our yard, or just the absence of snow in general, I’m sure there’s something for everyone to be excited about!

My dog, Mya, is particularly happy about the springtime.  She gets to go to the park more often than usual and she walks around the house in the evening just waiting for my husband or I to say one of her favorite key words.  I can hardly say anything that sounds like “par…” or “fri…” or “sw…” because she automatically assumes that I’m talking to her about the “park,” her “frisbee,” or going “swimming.”  She perks up her little ears and tilts her head from side-to-side in true lab fashion making it almost impossible to tell her no because she looks so cute.  She’s also found a new hobby which is flying around the house leaving divots in our yard going from downspout to downspout checking for the first signs of chipmunks.  She probably remembers a time last year when she trapped one in the tube by using her paws to pound down the metal on both sides creating her very own personal toy to keep her busy for hours!

I also look forward to the surprises of spring.  More than a week ago I was walking in our neighborhood and there it was.  A Crocus flower coming up from the gravel!  On a windy, barely 40 degree day a sign of the coming months to keep things positive!  I’ve also been watching the robins bouncing around our yard, waiting for the perfect time to start nest building.  We must have the best spot for a nest in the whole neighborhood on the back of our house.  Last year we had robins build a nest on top of the motion light out the back door four different times and we got to watch robin eggs hatch over and over again throughout the early summer.  I can tell that all of the birds are out in our yard scoping it out right about now.  It’s these little reminders of summer coming that make the colder, rainy days bearable.  I often wonder if summer would be quite as sweet if we didn’t have to go through a long winter to get there.

Speaking of spring and happiness… I recently had the chance to spend an afternoon with Brett and Katie, lovebirds getting married this coming July.  I know that you’ll be able to tell by these photos just how in love these two are.  I had so much fun hanging out with them and enjoying a beautiful spring day.  We found the beauty of the outdoors everywhere we went, and this photo shoot reminded me just how photogenic the month of April can be.  Congratulations to Brett and Katie and I can’t wait to share photos from their upcoming wedding this summer!

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