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I found out last week that there’s no sweeter sound in the entire world then hearing your baby laugh for the first time.  It’s so sweet and innocent and amazing all at the same time, that it brings happy tears to your eyes before you can even realize what is going on.  It’s a moment that you’d just like to hit replay on a million times whenever you want to.  Luckily, once that first little laugh comes out there are many more to look forward to – but there’s just nothing like that very first time.  It’s so reassuring to know that your baby is truly happy, and I’ll never forget those first giggles…

We had known for a couple weeks that we were going to hear those little giggles soon.  We were to the point where sometimes Ensley would smile so hard that it just seemed like a sound was the only thing that she could do to show that she were any happier.  Looking at herself in the mirror seemed to be her favorite, and when we would get all excited and say something along the lines of “…mommy is going to give you kisses…” and then nuzzle into her little neck, she would smile and even squeal with excitement.  We thought for sure that this would probably be how we’d hear that sweet sound the first time.

Last week after her bath, Mitch laid her on the floor in the living room to put her jammies on and talked with her as she cooed and listened intently to all of the sounds and words he was saying to her.  She’s always such a sweetie, but even more so when she’s all relaxed and content after her bath.  Before long their conversation turned to “daddy’s going to give you kisses…” and in that excited voice Mitch would lean over and nuzzle into her little cheeks and give her kisses.  I’m not sure if it were the great mood she was in, or the fact that she just loves everything about her daddy talking to her, but then we heard it.  A sweet little giggle came out, and Ensley just looked up at us and smiled just like nothing new had happened, waiting for the next kisses.  Mitch and I looked at each other like we couldn’t believe what our ears just heard.  It made our hearts so happy.  I reveled in the moment for a minute and then grabbed my phone to try and record what was happening, knowing that I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone so that they could hear just how sweet it really was.  Once my camera was rolling, she was done with the giggling for the night – but that was okay.  I love the fact that this special moment was just between the three of us.  We loved talking with Ensley so much that night, knowing that a laugh could be coming any moment, that we kept the poor little girl up until after 9:30!

Ensley’s getting plenty of practice showing us her beautiful smile these days – it seems to be her favorite thing to do.  She’s our happy little girl, and we just can’t get enough of her.  Just over three months old, this age just seems to be magical.  Her personality is showing more and more each day, and we’re looking so forward to all of the “firsts” that we’ll be experiencing with her over the next few months.  Since last week we’ve been lucky enough to hear her laugh a handful of times after that first giggle, and we absolutely can’t wait for more!